Andrew Shugg's Rather Bland Home Page

Not really much to see here. I'm too busy doing stuff to write a proper home page. Them's the breaks.


I have made my résumé available for download.


Using MacJournal for OS X, I have started writing a web journal. Thus far it is very boring and I am not expecting anyone to actually read it.


Temporary download areas where we stash things like movie trailers for other people to download.

Also the FTP site ...


A list of similarly dull and uninteresting links.


I have more email addresses than I know what to do with. If you don't know any of them though, please contact me via my fairly safe Yahoo! address. Please don't be upset or offended if I don't reply to your message, as I do not always have ready access to my mail, and I receive receive enough email to feed a small African nation each week.


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